Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September Haul: Sephora, LUSH, MAC Electric Cool, Haute Dogs Collection and Swatches

I took part in a bit of retail therapy this past weekend as a sort of early birthday present to myself. My journey began with looking for a long-wear liquid eyeliner and then ended up indulging in some not-much needed purchases. Let's start with MAC's Haute Dog collection, shall we? I picked up the Rare Breed Mineralize lipstick after seeing swatches on Temptalia.com
Rare Breed Mineralize lipstick packaging $26 CDN/$16.20 (with the MAC Pro discount) 
Rare Breed Mineralize lipstick packaging
Rare Breed Mineralize lipstick (Peachy Nude)
Rare Breed Mineralize lipstick Swatch
The lipstick is very moisturizing but it is so close to the colour of my lips that it just ends up looking like a clear gloss after application.

Then I purchased a dupe to bumble and bumble's Beach Waves from LUSH. I buy this version when I'm on a budget. It doesn't create as defined waves, but it does a pretty good job and as a bonus, it is scented with Neroli oil which is my absolute favourite citrus fragrance. The 100mL bottle lasts about 2 months with almost daily use.
LUSH Sea Spray $12.95CDN ~ 100mL


The next item is this new Sephora liquid liner. I have been using for a replacement to Kat Von D's tattoo  liner simply because it irritates my eyes, This one however has a felt tip as opposed to KVD's brush tip. I'm still not sold, It's a bit finicky to work with, you have to wait for it to dry on the lashline or else it transfers to the top lid. YACK!
Sephora Cosmetics Waterproof Felt Liner in Black Dress $15 CDN

Also, Sephora has changed their bags, I think this design is alot more sleek-looking. What do you think?

New! Sephora Purchase bags!

MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadow Collection

MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadows in Photosphere and Brilliant Lit $26 CDN/$15.60 (pro discount)

MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadow in Photosphere (champagne colour)

MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadow in Brilliant Lit (chartreuse colour)

MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadows in Photosphere and Brilliant Lit Swatches

That's all folks. Did you end up picking up anything from these collections?

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sephora Haul + Swatches

Hey Readers!
I posted a haul video on my youtube channel (Click pic for link). If the link doesn't work just hit the youtube button in my header.

and here are the swatches for the 3 Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks I picked up, 2 new colours and one old.

Tell me which ones you like...

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Antoni Gaudi and Casa Batlló

Exterior facade - "House of Bones"

Stairwell Looking Down

Top of Stairwell

Window with stained glass boobies on the Noble floor


More stained glass boobies

This window reminds me of the underneath of a tortoise shell

Mushroom fire place on the noble floor

Lofty feel due to this large windows on the street facing room on the noble floor

The most ergonomic brass fixture I've ever seen

Central Light Well/Atrium

Light Well

Vented light well

mock up of exterior

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the amazing wood work


The loft

An original wash basin

The Roof

Exterior at night

Barcelona - Hop On/Hop Off Tour + Port + Gothic Area

Christoper Columbus Statue, his finger is pointing finger is over 1 meter long

orange trees

Eyeballs House

Narrow Pedestrian Alleyways in the Gothic Quarters

Parroquia de la Mare de Deu de Betlem exterior