Sunday, June 26, 2011

Formal Review: Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Colour Case

This was a big ticket item I had been putting off purchasing for well over a year but I had to bite the bullet and get one for my freelance kit. I am going to include my 'formal review' for the product and everytime I use the palette for a look I will be sure to include a photo. I hope you enjoy reading.

What is the product and where can I find it?
Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Colour Case can be found at is the exclusive retailer for the product.

What does it come with?
12 very pigmented cream colours.

Is it user friendly?
The creamy consistency makes it a dream to work with. It can be sheered out to add just a hint of colour or layered for bold opaque look. You can apply this product with ease using any tool you should desire.

One huge downfall of the product is it does not translate well on eyes. It needs dry surfaces like the cheeks and lips to adhere to to stay in place. On the eyes, it creases and slips. I have tried setting it with powder, it just becomes cakey. I have tried priming the skin before application, it makes no difference and I have also tried mixing a gel mattifyer to the product in the hopes that it would soak up a bit of the moisture, it did not. The only thing I have not utilixed to rememdy the issue, is a sealant. If anyone has done so, please share your experiences below.

What makes this product stand out above the rest?
This product is versatile; it can be used anywhere on the face and body and acts as a great base for making dull eyeshadows seem lively! The wide array of colours are perfect to add to a kit for professional use and work well in beauty, creative, fantasy and special FX looks.

The Nitty Gritty?
As mentioned above, this product is not ideal for use on the eyelids. This item aslo has a hefty tag price retailing for $99. It was retailing at for $110 CDN and since has been reduced to $99. However, it is still very expensive.

Final Summation:A must have for anyone who is serious about makeup. You will be pleased at the colour options and how vivid they turns up on film/digital format. With that said, don't however expect much in terms of wear on the lids.

Some Looks

Turqoise from the Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Colour Case 
...more to come


Another look created with this palette

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hana Titanium Flat Iron 1.5 Review

 *these photographs are a similar representation but differ slightly from the model that was sent to me for review

I recently had the opportunity to review the Hana Titanium Flat Iron from I was so thrilled to recieve a brand-spanking new flat iron since I was long overdue for one. For this review I will be utilizing a more structured approach, call it a 'formal' review format.

What is the product and where can I find it?
Hana Titanium Flat Iron 1.5

What are its selling features?
  • Adjustable Temperature of 140-450° F
  • Safe Damp styling
  • Floating plates for self adjusting to hair texture
  • 2 year warranty
  • Made In Italy
What does it come with?
  • Tin Case
  • Travel Pouch
  • Heat Proof Silicone Mat and
  • 'clutch' style heat proof purse and a cooling pad.
Is it user friendly?
This flat iron extremly user friendly, safe and burn proof provided the user utilizes the cooling elements supplied. An LED light gage provides the user the ability to determine if the iron is at maximum temperature. This iron heats up to the desired temperature within 1 minute, which is very fast. The iron has an on and off switch and temperature gage so it is in no way difficult to use.

What makes this product stand out above the rest?
This flat iron is of very high quality, is quick to heat up and provides high heat for fast styling. It has a sleek and professional look.The floating 1.5” plates auto-adjust to glide over any hair texture. This product was voted best flat iron by Missiko customers and has been featured in Marie Claire and Red Book magazines.

What was the Customer Service experience like?
The representatives at were with quick and polite with email correspondance and I recieved the iron within 2 weeks from shipping date. They went the extra mile by sending the deluxe gift set with the iron.

The Nitty Gritty?
I really enjoy using this flat iron. I use it primarily on clients for photoshoots and use it to curl hair rather than straighten it. Its high heat gives me the capability to produce a variation of hair styles. Here is an example of what results the iron will give you for curling:

There is only one thing that I do not like about this product, it is that I have burned myself and others with it. This may more so be my fault but if I had the opportunity to redesign the iron, I would leave a bit of a buffer around the heat plates so when it comes into direct contact with the scalp, it won't burn it.

As a Canadian blogger, I am not legally obliged to notify my readers if an item featured on was purcahsed with my own money or if it was sent to me for review. However, I still notify the reader if this is the case or not. With that said, the Hana Titanium Flat Iron 1.5 was sent to me by for consideration but does not in any way influence my opinion of the product and thus the review is 100% truthful.

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