Thursday, April 20, 2017

Breakfast with fresh co-founder Lev Glazman

It's been a hot minute! I wanted to share with you my experience of meeting co-founder of skincare brand fresh, Lev Glazman... while it's still fresh in my head. I am fortunate to have such opportunities to meet individuals like Lev especially since I am such a skincare junkie.
The event took place at the Eaton's Centre Sephora. Lev chatted briefly about the birth of the brand the talked in depth about Umbrian Clay and and it's ability to restore balance to the skin no matter the type. Lev also chatted briefly about future launches and took questions. I quickly snuck in a question about the line of Seaberry products while we were on the topic and am excited to share with you that we will be seeing more products in the Seaberry franchise! Another focus during the presentation was binge-masking versus multi-masking and the benefits of the former vs. the latter. Lev also showcased some limited edition packaging soon to be released featuring hand made ceramic jars to house Umbrian Clay, made of, you guessed it... Umbrian Clay, how meta is that?! I leave you now with some photographas (referencing the movie, I Love You Man)!

New Limited Edition packaging made of Umbrian Clay

Oh yeah, and we also got some sweet swag!